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I n v e r t e d R a i n b o w

*hands coffee*

30 June 1986
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60's culture, a hard day's night, across the universe, adams/jefferson, adhd, alexander, alice in wonderland, altered consciousness, amnesia, ancient history, animals, animation, anthropology, art therapy, astrology, autism, autistic spectrum, books, bunnies, candles, character developement, coffee, color schemes, counter culture, death note, depression, deviantart, digital cameras, documentaries, doodling, drawing, dreams, dvd jacket smell, empathy, evanescence, evps, faeries, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, figure skating, folklore, founding fathers, free expression, ghost photos, ghost stories, ghosts, glitter, guy of gisborne, hauntings, hephaestion, history, howl's moving castle, human rights, humor, ice cream, infp, james frain, john_adams_hbo, karma, legends, little women, love, mark twain, mbti, memory repression, mermaids, mirrormask, monkees fanfiction, music, my dogs, mythology, nightmares, nostradamus, oddities, old book smell, orbs, painting, pan's labyrinth, paranormal, paranormal activity, peace movement, peter pan, philosophy, photographic memory, photography, piercings, pizza, plushies, poems, poetry, prophetic visions, psychology, rain, rascal flatts, reading, reincarnation, remember the titans, remus lupin, richard armitage, ringo starr, robin hood, rock, russian, ryan gosling, s.e. hinton, savants, scent association, second continental congress, self-discovery, self-expression, shadow people, sirius black, snow, soul, spirit, spirited away, spirits, star wars, starbucks, stay, stay movie, stickers, strawberries, street art, stumbleupon, taboo, the 60's, the beach, the beatles, the monkees, the secret garden, thomas jefferson, vegetarianism, west virginia, writing, yellow submarine, youtube